Spring Cleaning in Canada means Spring Fixing.

‘Tis Spring! And that means it’s time for Spring Cleaning. The true origins of Spring Cleaning are debated by researchers. But here we are in Canada, and it’s time to stow the toques and pack the blankets. This is NOT a comprehensive list of all the things you should Spring Clean around your home. Just a few things to consider that begin with C, for Canada! 

Spring Cleaning in Canada means Spring Fixing.  



Here are some home repairs and maintenance chores that begin with C for Canada:

Clear Snow from Vents – And while you are clearing the snow, check to see that the area around the vent is tightly sealed using a product that’s watertight and weatherproof.

Caulk Washroom – Now is a good time to check for loose grout or sealant around the bathtub, shower and washroom tile joints. When these areas aren’t properly protected and sealed, they can let water in, which can cause damage to your walls and the framing behind them. A fresh bead of high-quality caulk will keep your bathroom tip top. 

Check the Roof – Winter winds and heavy snow are fading. But they can damage your roof and expose Canadian homeowners to costly water damage. Once you’ve safely remove snow from your roof, inspect for any damage or holes. Repair any holes with a strong, reliable tape until you can replace the damaged materials.

Clear the Gutters – Gutters in most every part of Canada take a real beating during the winter months. Inspect them thoroughly for cracks and holes where leaks can form. We recommend a high performance rubberized sealant for the job.  

Check the Fencing – Fencing is a common area to find damage from winter weather. If you find fence posts have become loose or have fallen, use a powerful glue to secure them firmly back into place.