Flood Protection Spray


• Flood Protection Spray can be used as a primer coating to hard-to-reach areas, such as door tracks, seams, sills, small openings, corners, and irregular shapes.

• Flood Protection Spray can also be used as a final coat of protection to help seal any small pinholes or openings that may have been missed.

• Once floodwaters recede, our Flood Protection Spray can be easily removed.

For complete instructions, visit flexseal.ca/flood.

No water penetration through 1/8 inch gaps at depths up to 3 feet, for 14 days. UL Verified. VerifyUL.com. V165781.

When used as directed, our Flood Protection Spray has been independently verified by UL Solutions to hold back 3ft of water for 14 days on gaps up to ⅛ inch. Tested in laboratory settings.

Patent Pending for Products and Uses.