How To Remove Flex Seal Flood Protection Products

Our video below will maximize your success when removing Flex Seal Flood Protection from surfaces.
Always follow evacuation orders. Heed all directions from local government and emergency management officials. Watch our introductory video before starting.
Tools Used:
• Paper towel, rag, or cloth
• Denatured alcohol
• Needle nose pliers
• Protective gloves & eyewear
Flood Paste in a Cartridge is the base coat for your first layer of protection. Use a gloved finger, gap filler tool, or similar tool to push into all seams and openings to help create a watertight seal. Always be cautious of any sharp objects that may cause injury.
Removing from Surfaces
All of our Flood Protection products have been designed to be easily removed.*

Starting at a corner, use your thumb or a cloth to peel the product until there is enough to grab and pull away from surface using your hands.

If it doesn’t remove in one piece, restart the process on another section.

Any remaining residue can be cleaned using a paper towel or rag with denatured alcohol.

*May leave residue or remove paint.


Use needle-nose pliers to grab one corner of the product and continue to pull product until it is within grasp.

Pull off the remainder of product by hand.

For additional help, click on one of our how-to options below, or call us at:
833-4-A-FLOOD (833-423-5663).

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We’re proud to say that when used in combination, and as directed, our Flood Protection Products have been independently verified by UL Solutions to hold back 3ft of water for 14 days on gaps up to ½ inch. Tested in laboratory settings.