Simple Fixes With Flex Minis

“Simple Fixes with Flex Minis” was written by a member of the Flex Seal Editorial Team. All photos by Flex Seal Studios. 

Quick-fix repairs can be stressful when you don’t have the proper tools on hand. Be ready for the unexpected with Flex Seal Minis, the powerful and portable way to make quick repairs at home or on the go. Here are two simple fixes you can make using Flex Seal Minis. 

Shoe Sole Repair 

If your shoe sole is becoming a tripping hazard, Flex Glue Mini can help you safely secure it. This powerful rubberized adhesive is easy to use and can be stored in your pocket, purse, or toolbox for emergencies.

How to Use Flex Glue for a DIY Shoe Sole Repair

1. Clean the surface of your shoe sole and surrounding areas. It must be free of grease, oil, and dirt. If you see any old shoe sole glue, gently buff the area down using sandpaper. Adding a bit of texture to the sole can help with adhesion.

2. Unscrew the Flex Glue Mini cap and use the pointed end to puncture the nozzle.

3. Apply Flex Glue liberally to one side of the shoe sole surface. Once all the glue is evenly applied, carefully press the two sides of the shoe together. Massage the shoe using slight pressure to smooth out the Flex Glue.

4Once you’re confident the glue is evenly distributed, close the shoe and use firm pressure for at least 20-30 seconds to activate Flex Glue’s instant grab. In some cases, bracing may be required.

Flexpert Tip: For best results, do not reopen the sole to rearrange it once you press it down.

Flex Glue will cure in 24-48 hours and reach maximum strength in seven days.  

When you’re done using Flex Glue, squeeze a small bead from the opening to form a plug and screw the cap on tight. This plug will cure and seal in the remaining product. Remove the cured plug or cut it off to reuse the product.  

Outdoor Lantern Repair 

Outdoor lighting is a wonderful addition to any patio, but damage can dim the beauty. Thankfully, Flex Tape Mini can patch cracks and keep the lights on. Available in white, black, and clear, Flex Tape Minis work on many outdoor lanterns and lighting types.

How To Repair a Cracked Outdoor Lantern

1. Clean the application surface so it is free of grease, oil, and dirt. 

2. Flex Tape Mini is pre-cut and ready to go; just peel off the transparent film before use.

3. Apply to the desired area and use enough pressure to smooth out any air or water from the bonding site.

Flexpert Tip: For large cracks, we recommend using one of our full-sized Flex Tape options.

These quick fixes are just a fraction of what Flex Minis can do for you. Stock up today so you’re always prepared to repair. 

By Amanda Tacconi 

Amanda Tacconi is an Editor at The Flex Seal Family of Products, where she focuses on writing and editing articles for the company’s blog.

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