3 Fast Flex Seal Fixes

Because if you can’t bend it like Beckham, you better be able to fix it like Phil.

Three Flex Seal Fixes after the game

Maybe your football fans at home got a little over enthusiastic during the match and maybe… a few things were broken. No problem. We completely understand. Damage happens. That’s what we’re here for. We love to help you fix damage fast. So, whether a picture frame was tossed, a table leg was knocked, or a clear case was cracked, we’ve got all your quick fix needs covered.

Instantly bond a picture frame back together with Flex Glue Mini

Flex Glue Mini to fix a Photo Frame quickly

Flex Glue Mini is perfect for making quick fixes. It’s great for repairing broken frames because it bonds seamlessly to create a strong hold that lasts. Before you start though, make sure the surface is free of grease, oil and dirt.

Next, unscrew the nozzle and cut an opening large enough for the product to be properly dispensed. Apply to one side of the frame. When applying, make sure not to add too much product near the outer edge of the frame to avoid excess glue squeezing out once you press the sides together.

Fix a picture frame with Flex Glue Mini

Once all the glue is evenly applied, carefully press the two sides together and hold for 10 to 30 seconds to take hold. If any residual glue gets squeezed out, simply wipe it away within 10 minutes.

Flex Glue will start to dry within 10 to 20 minutes and is fully dry to the touch in about an hour. However, it takes 24 to 48 hours to cure full.

Transform Loose legs into steadfast support with Flex Glue

Fix a Loose Leg with Flex Glue

Fixing a loose table leg is easy thanks to Flex Glue. Our waterproof adhesive has instant grab and hold, and it won’t run or drip.

When applying to the surface for best results, make sure the surface is free of grease, oil, and dirt. And like Flex Glue Mini, be sure to cut an opening large enough for the product to be properly dispensed.

Apply liberally to one side of the surface being bonded and apply firm pressure continuously for a minimum of 10-30 seconds to take hold.

Fix a Loose leg with Flex Glue

Allow 24-48 hours for curing. Will reach maximum strength in 7 days.

Flexpert Tip: When you are finished using Flex Glue, dispense a small amount out of the end and allow it to dry to form a plug. This will prevent the remaining Flex Glue from drying out. When you are ready to use it again, simply remove the plug at the end.

Patch a Cracked Case Fast with Flex Tape Clear

Flex Tape Clear quick fix for plastic box

A cracked case is no match for our super-strong waterproof tape, Flex Tape. It can fix just about anything. And it’ll get stronger with time and pressure. Here are a few tips for getting the best results.

Much like with Flex Glue, a clean surface is key. Make sure to clean the surface of any grease, oil or dirt 

Next, you’ll want to carefully measure and then cut using a razor blade instead of scissors. We recommend this because the tape can adhere to the scissors. Using a precision blade can help give you better results.

After you’ve cut your piece of Flex Tape Clear to your desired size, remove the transparent backing and press down firmly. Be sure to remove any air pockets.

Flex Tape quick fix for a plastic organizer

Flex Tape will adhere right away, but it gets stronger over time, so let it sit for 24 hours if possible. Once fully bonded, Flex Tape cannot be re-positioned. 


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