Dip Your Tools in Flex Seal Liquid

For almost any surface you want to cover, Flex Seal Liquid will adhere itself onto anything you need a flexible rubberized coating. Flex Seal Liquid makes your tools look as good as new, prevents rust and corrosion, and protects them from future damage. It’s also a great use for other things around your workplace. You can also use it on a chain to prevent rust, dip glass jars to give them a protective coating, or even dip weights to give them a rubberized coating that will protect your floor. Our customers have found many uses, and we think you will too. Check out the article and video for a step by step guide.


Flex Seal Liquid, Sandpaper, Drop Cloth, Rope, Scissors, Clamps


Step 1: Prep Your Project Area

Pick a well-ventilated area to dip your tools. Keep a window open or use fans when possible.

Take a rope (you can also use a clothesline or something similar) and secure it, making sure it can hold up under the weight of your tools. Get your clamps ready, by placing them near your work space.

Place a drop cloth underneath your rope, to absorb any of the extra liquid that may fall off of the tool handles. If you don’t have a drop cloth, you could use newspaper or a tarp.

Step 2: Clean and Dry Your Tools

For wooden-handled tools, get rid of all stickers or existing tape on the handle. Grab your sandpaper and with moderate pressure, etch the handle.

For metal-handled tools, grab a bucket and fill it with water and cleaning solution. Let your tools soak in the bucket for 30 minutes or more, then scrub to remove any dirt, grease or buildup. You can also use a wire brush to etch the surface that you’ll be dipping. Once you are finished cleaning, be sure to dry the surface.

Step 3: Dip in Flex Seal Liquid

Grab your can of Flex Seal Liquid. Dip the handle of each item in Flex Seal Liquid can one tool at a time. Then, clamp them on the rope or line to dry.

For best results, let your first coat dry for 24 to 48 hours before applying another coat. There may be excess Flex Seal Liquid hanging from your items once they to dry, but don’t worry. Just cut it off with a pair of scissors.

That’s it. Your tools are now ready to use.