4 Hacks for a smooth Cottage Season

Refurbish Your Cottage   

Let Flex Seal Fam enhance your Cottage Season with these easy and effective tips.

Note: Before using Flex Seal products, read all directions and take proper safety precautions, such as wearing protective gear while applying. 

Cottage Season is here and we’ve got you covered with 4 quick and handy hacks that will make the process a breeze. Thanks to The Flex Seal Family of Products, you can transform your happy place and enjoy hassle-free.

1. Coat Your Canoe for a Brand-New Look with Flex Seal Liquid

Give your canoe a fresh and vibrant new shine by using Flex Seal Liquid. Our thick rubberized liquid not only adds a protective waterproof layer, but it’s also mildew, chemical, and UV resistant. Say goodbye to wear and tear and welcome a rejuvenated canoe for those up-and-coming cottage season adventures.

2. Seal Exterior Cracks & Holes with Flex Paste

Keep pesky pests at bay by sealing up exterior cracks and holes with Flex Paste. Our powerful, super thick rubberized paste creates a durable waterproof barrier, ensuring unwanted intruders stay outside where they belong. This cottage season keep the creepy crawlies out and enjoy the pest-free environment you deserve.


3. Repair Failing Railing Caps with Flex Glue

Don’t let a loose or damaged railing cap spoil your cottage season. Let Flex Glue come to the rescue with its super strong and durable bond. Easily secure the railing cap back in place, providing safety and peace of mind for all those enjoying your cottage’s outdoor spaces.

4. Revive Fence Posts with Flex Seal

Give your fence post a new lease on life with Flex Seal. Our handyman in a can is perfect for creating a watertight seal that not only protects against water damage but also revitalizes worn-out wood. Enjoy a sturdy and attractive fence throughout your cottage season without breaking a sweat.

This year, make your cottage season a success with The Flex Seal Family of Products.

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