3 Mini, but Mighty, Repair Hacks

Revive your ride with our Auto/RV Repair Kit

When it comes to little fixes around your car and RV, our convenient kit has your quick emergency repairs covered.

1. Trim-mendous Bonding

Loose trimming and lining can be easily fixed with just a dab of Flex Glue. Our solvent-free, paintable, and no run and drip formula is perfect for all kinds of applications. Just make sure the surface is free of grease, oil, and dirt, and apply liberally to one side of the surface being bonded. Then, apply firm pressure continuously for a minimum of 10-30 seconds for instant grab to take hold. And, Voila! Trim that’s sure to stay in place.     

2. Armrest and Repair

Don’t let tears tire you out. Make a quick patch with Flex Tape. Our powerful adhesive has a thick, flexible rubberized backing that conforms to virtually any shape and surface. All you need to do is measure to your desired size, cut, and apply. The more time and pressure, the stronger the bond will get.

3. Secure A Better View

Need to get an even better view on things, Flex Glue can help. Start by making the surface nice and clean. Then, apply a generous dab to the back of your mini mirror, and hold it firmly in place for 10-30 seconds. Once the instant grab and takes hold, you’ll be good to go.

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By Alexa Matz

Alexa is an Editor at The Flex Seal Family of Products, where she focuses on writing and editing articles for the company’s blog.

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