DIY Halloween Yard Sign with Flex Seal Products

Halloween Yard Sign with Flex Seal Terra Cotta

Halloween has arrived and it’s time for some Spooktacular #FlexSealDIY! These BOO-TIFUL Halloween yard signs are just the touch your home needs. And thanks to Flex Seal® flexible, watertight, rubberized coating, your ghostly greetings will last for years!


Flex Seal Black

Flex Seal terra-cotta

Flex Glue Clear

● Foam Board

● Yard Stakes

● Cutting Mat

● Craft Blade

● Ruler


1. Draw and Cut Out Letters

Before sketching out the letters, to make sure the letters are the same size, cut out three equal sized rectangles of foam board. Then draw out each letter with a pencil. Next, place the foam board on a cutting mat and use a craft blade to cut out each letter. Keep the letters creepy by not worrying about them being perfect.

Flex Tip: If you don’t feel comfortable drawing your letters- print out large font letters to use as a template for the perfect look.

2. Glue On Stakes

Using Flex Glue, glue two yard stakes into place on the back of each letter towards the bottom with at least a six inch overhang. Use a scrap piece of foam board to lay on top of the yard stakes for additional support. Make sure to apply firm pressure continuously for a minimum of 30 seconds for instant grab to take hold.

Flex Tip: Place a book or heavy object on top of the glued stakes and foam board to keep everything in place until the glue is dry.

3. Spray the Back of the Letters with Flex Seal Colors

Once the Flex Glue is dry, keep the letters back side up on a tarp in a well-ventilated area. Then, take the Flex Seal black and spray the letters 8” to 12” from the surface using even sweeping motions. Flex Seal sprays out as a thick liquid and seeps into cracks and holes and dries watertight. Set to dry!

Flex Tip: Apply multiple coats to make sure the surface has been coated completely. Read the entire can before spraying.

4. Spray the Front of the letters with Flex Seal Colours

Once the back of the letters are dry, flip them over. To create a gradient effect, spray the top of the letters with Flex Seal black and the bottom of the letters with Flex Seal terra-cotta.

Shake well. Hold the can 8” to 12” from the surface and spray starting at the top of the letters, moving your way down using even sweeping motions, leaving the bottom of the letters white. Next, spray the bottom half of the letters with Flex Seal terra-cotta using the same sweeping motion, but this time working from the bottom towards the middle. Set to dry!

Flex Tip: Cover the yard stakes with painter’s tape.

5. Add the Letters to Your Yard!

Hold the bottom of the stakes and carefully place the letters into your yard for a Halloween greeting for all your neighbors to see!

By Dennis Setteducati and Andrew Boza

HGTV Handmade‘s Crafty Lumberjacks (aka Dennis Setteducati and Andrew Boza) are flannel-loving bloggers and experts in all-things DIY—including holiday decor! They’ve appeared on GMA, LIVE with Kelly & Ryan, The Chew and The Rachael Ray Show and can been seen regularly on the HGTV Handmade YouTube channel getting crafty with their cat.

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