Easy DIY Wine Cork Crafts: Vase & Coaster Set

“Easy DIY Wine Cork Crafts” was written by a paid contributor. All photos by Briana Colangelo.

If you’re looking for easy DIY crafts with wine corks, look no further! This rustic vase and coaster set makes a cute gift for any wine-lover and can be made with only a few materials and Flex Super Glue.

Read on to learn how to make them!

How To Make a DIY Wine Cork Vase


● Wine corks (56)

 Flex Super Glue gel (I used the 2-pack, but any size is fine)

● Flowers of choice (I used faux)


1. Create Vase Base

For each vase layer, you will need 14 whole corks. Start with two corks on a flat surface and add two drops of Flex Super Glue to the side of one cork. Hold the second cork firmly against the glue for 15-30 seconds.

Repeat this process for all 14 corks until you have a circle of corks.

Flexpert Tip: I didn’t add a bottom to my vase because I used faux flowers. If you intend to use real flowers, you can place them in a glass vase and build the corks around it.

2. Build Additional Levels

Continue the process you used in the previous step to create three more cork circles. Once those are complete, connect them to build the vase. Add a drop of Flex Super Glue to the bottom of each cork in your second layer, then carefully adhere it to the base of the vase.

Repeat, and once all four levels are assembled, you have a beautiful DIY wine cork vase. Now, it’s time to create the matching coasters!

How To Make DIY Wine Cork Coasters


● Wine corks (38 corks make 4 coasters)

 Flex Super Glue gel

● Cutting board

● Knife (preferably with a serrated blade)

● Optional: Ribbon of choice and paper plate

Note: Before using Flex Seal products, read all directions and take proper safety precautions, such as being in a well-ventilated area and wearing protective gear while applying.


1. Cut Wine Corks in Half

Start by carefully cutting each wine cork in half. I found that using a knife with a serrated blade works best. I’ll be making 4 coasters for this set, but feel free to make as many as you’d like. Keep in mind that it takes 19 half-corks to make one coaster.

Flexpert Tip: If you drink wine, you can save the corks and repurpose them for this craft. If not, you can simply purchase wine corks in bulk.

2. Assemble Coasters Using Flex Super Glue

Take your first cork and place the cut edge face down. Grab your Flex Super Glue and shake the gel toward the tip. Next, remove the cap and place two tiny drops of glue on one side of the wine cork, then take another wine cork and push it against the side with the glue. Firmly hold both wine corks together for 15-30 seconds to allow them to adhere to one another.

Flexpert Tip: Building the coasters on a paper plate can help protect your work surface.

Continue this process by placing another wine cork next to the original one. Keep adding corks until you have six pieces around the center cork. At this point it should look like a flower.

Keep adding more corks around the flower, and whenever Flex Super Glue is applied, firmly hold the corks in place for 15 -30 seconds. Continue gluing corks until you have three of them on each side of the flower. It should now resemble a honeycomb.

3. Add a Decorative Ribbon (Optional)

You can skip this step if you prefer a clean and simple look. If you want an added touch, attach a ribbon of your choice along the edge of the coaster. I chose a cream-colored crotchet ribbon, but you can use whatever catches your eye.

Add a dollop of Flex Super Glue into the crack where two corks meet and on the edge of the cork. Place the start of the ribbon into the crack and continue to lay it along the coaster’s edge. Make sure to hold the ribbon against the cork to allow Flex Super Glue to dry. Repeat the process until you have all your coasters completed.

I think these DIY wine cork coasters turned out great! Paired with the matching vase, I now have the perfect table set up. I loved creating these wine cork crafts and hope you feel inspired to make them yourself with the help of Flex Super Glue!

By Briana Colangelo

Bri is a self-taught DIYer who's had a passion for DIY projects since a young age. After buying a 1958 cape home, she has been slowly transforming each room in her house. Bri also shares her designs and DIY projects as a content creator on Instagram and TikTok @d.i.y.bri.