6 Ways Flex Super Glue Saved the Day

This Flex Super Glue blog was written by a paid contributor. All photos by Melanie Snavely. 

After living in an RV for four years, my husband and I decided we wanted to be stationary for a bit, so we moved back into a house. During the unpacking process, we found a ton of small household items from our previous home that needed repairs. As very frugal people, we tend to fix whatever we can instead of spending money to replace it.


Flex Super Glue Now available

Thankfully, Flex Seal just released their new Flex Super Glue! It’s the perfect adhesive for quick fixes on household items made of plastic, metal, wood, ceramic, leather, and more. This product is available in both gel and liquid formulas to fit the needs of various application types. Flex Super Glue Gel is recommended for vertical surfaces, while the Liquid form will allow for the product to flow and cover larger areas. For more information on how to use Flex Super Glue, click here.

Flex Super Glue certainly saved the day around our home with these repairs. Here are 6 ways I used Flex Super Glue to fix things in a flash.

1. Salvage Broken Mugs

My mug collection began slowly but has grown quite a bit in size and sentimental value. I have collected them along our adventures on the road, and my husband gets me one every Christmas. I was even willing to keep mugs with missing handles on them because I couldn't part with them. But thanks to Flex Super Glue Gel, I can glue mug handles back on and keep on sipping!

Flexpert Tip: When using Flex Super Glue Gel, make sure to shake the gel towards the bottle tip, then remove the cap and squeeze.

2. Bind a Book

The spine of my high school yearbook was falling apart. It was being held together with tape and was ultimately an eyesore in my newly built library. Using Flex Super Glue Liquid to securely bind the book made for a much more appealing look without risking further tearing.

3. Secure Loose Drawer Knobs

The dresser in my closet was my mom’s when she was in college. One of the knobs was stripped and spun loose on the screw, making it hard to open. By adding a few drops of Flex Super Glue Gel to the wood and then inside the screw hole, I easily secured the knob to the drawer. It now opens without me having to worry about the knob coming off in my hand.

4. Mend Car Upholstery

Flex Super Glue works well on leather and similar fabrics. My car has been rolling along for 18 years, and while it's seen better days, I am pretty attached to "her." We've reached the point where it's no longer worth taking it to a mechanic, so we do all the repairs ourselves. The door upholstery continues to come loose and will tickle my arm while I drive. A few years back, I tried an upholstery glue that caused discoloration. This go-around, I gave Flex Super Glue a try. I applied a liberal amount of Flex Super Glue Liquid then tucked the fabric back onto the door. It held firm with no discoloration issues.

5. Fix a Pair of Glasses

I use blue light glasses for work and am constantly throwing them in my bag where they risk getting damaged. One tiny drop of Flex Super Glue Gel quickly fixed the pair I broke. I let them cure, popped the lens back in, and was ready to flex on with my workday!

6. Extend the Life of Water Toys

We love being on the water and have inflatable stand-ups that we take out often. They are several years old, and the fins have started pulling away from the board. One fin came entirely off. But after applying Flex Super Glue Gel and allowing it to cure, I could lift the board up by the fin.

Flexpert Tip: Once Flex Super Glue is fully cured, it is water-resistant. It can take anywhere from 1- 24 hours to cure, so it’s best to wait a day before using the raft in the water.

As someone who prefers to spend money on adventures instead of things, I love having Flex Super Glue on hand for household repairs or to salvage an item that I might otherwise need to replace. These quick fixes are just the tip of the iceberg for what the Flex Seal Family of Products can accomplish. What items around your house could easily be saved by Flex Super Glue?

By Melanie Snavely

Melanie is the writer and content producer for Life’s Sweet Journey. Her husband, Andrew, is along for the ride and makes cameos when things get technical. They have been across the country and back again, living in their 34ft Keystone Cougar for the past 3+ years. They share their travels, love for local restaurants and breweries, and any RV mishaps that happen along the way. You can find them on YouTube and Instagram at Life’s Sweet Journey.