How To Remove Flex Super Glue

We designed Flex Super Glue to be super strong, but sometimes mistakes can happen throughout the course of a project. No need to worry though; there are multiple ways to remove Flex Super Glue, depending on the surface. Keep these following tips in mind in case your project gets a bit too sticky.

Removing Flex Super Glue From Skin

If you happen to get some on your skin, we always recommend using soap and water for removal.

1. Simply lather with soap under warm water

2. Rinse and scrub under warm water

3. (Optional) Use a pumice stone or other scraping/rubbing material

Repeat the process until the materials break down entirely.

We recommend using soap and water to remove Flex Super Glue.

Acetone may be used, but use caution when applying to skin. Always follow manufacturer’s health and safety warnings.

Removing Flex Super Glue From Surfaces

Note: Before starting, always test acetone (or any other solvents) on a small area of the surface first and follow all safety precautions.

After testing the acetone’s reaction to the material, apply the solution to the glued area and remove it with a rag and/or scraper. 

1. Apply acetone to surface

2. Let sit for ten minutes

3. Scrape off

If the super glue remnants persist, try applying another treatment of acetone – depending on the surface. 

For more information on best practices when using our products, please refer to our FAQs or give us a call. Flex on!