How to Stop a Pool Leak with Flex Tape

Nothing ruins a family BBQ or some fun in the sun like an unexpected pool leak. It’s inconvenient, and pool liners can cost hundreds (sometimes thousands) of dollars to replace. That’s why we recommend keeping Flex Tape nearby. The next time you find yourself with this problem, just use Flex Tape or Flex Tape Mini, and your pool leak will be repaired in minutes. It’ll save you time, money, and energy – allowing you to get back to what’s most important – having fun! 

How to Stop a Pool Leak with Flex Tape®

1. Thoroughly clean the surface and cut two pieces of Flex Tape.
2. Apply the first piece of Flex Tape to the inside of the pool.
3. Apply the second piece of Flex Tape to the outside of the pool.

Clean and Cut

Before applying Flex Tape, it’s important that your surface is clean of oil, dirt, and grease. Grab a rag and cleaning solution to wipe your pool down if there’s any grass, dirt, or mud around the tear or crack in your pool. Try to scrub away anything else that may be sitting on the surface, such as algae. For ease of use, measure or estimate the size of the tear. Using a razor blade, cut two patches of Flex Tape, making sure both are larger than the tear or hole. It will be much easier to have the patches already cut before, rather than trying to cut after applying. Keep the clear protective backing on it until you are ready to use.

Apply Flex Tape

Remove the transparent backing and first apply a piece of Flex Tape to the inside. Gently smooth out the edges to make sure it is flat on the surface. Then, remove the transparent backing off of your second piece, and apply it to the outside of the pool. You can use just one piece; however, it is a good idea to use two pieces for extra secure hold. Continue to press down firmly and smooth out any air bubbles so the outer piece is flat against the outer surface. You can also use a rubber roller or plastic squeegee to help smooth out the tape if you like. That’s it. Flex Tape’s bond increases with time, so be sure not to move or re-position the tape after application.