How To Use Flex Seal® Liquid

Flex Seal Liquid is a super thick rubber coating that you can brush, roll, dip, or pour. Before you get started, make sure you read all the directions. This is where you’ll find important information on how to use Flex Seal® Liquid safely and effectively. Watch the video below for a step-by-step guide or read on for more tips and information.

Reminder: Never use Flex Seal Liquid near heat, sparks, pilot lights, or any other source of ignition, and never smoke while using Flex Seal Liquid.

Before you get started, open up any doors and windows to improve air flow. Wear protective gloves, clothing, and eyewear.


How To Use Flex Seal Liquid

1. Open the can and stir Flex Seal Liquid. Do not shake.

2. If your surface is rusted, remove as much as possible with a scraper or wire brush, and clean the surface with a dry cloth.

3. Brush, roll, dip or pour Flex Seal Liquid. Always try to cover a larger area than where the leak is occurring.

4. Remember to replace the lid of the can to keep the Flex Seal Liquid fresh. Do not return unused product to the can.


Tips for Best Results

Use a paint tray to reduce the amount of time that you have to keep your can of Flex Seal Liquid open.

Whether you brush, roll, dip, or pour, we always recommend applying Flex Seal Liquid in even coats and allowing 24 hours between coats. If you press it and it’s soft, it’s not dry yet. Allow 48 hours to completely dry. Depending on temperature and humidity, dry times will vary between indoor and outdoor applications.

Remember, if light passes through, you’re going to need to apply another coat. Apply several coats until the surface has been completely covered and all cracks and holes have been filled.

Use a clean, dry cloth to wipe up any spills. Alcohol can be used to wipe residue before it cures.

When it’s time to store your Flex Seal Liquid, make sure the lid is on tight, and always store it in a cool, dry environment. Never store Flex Seal Liquid above 120 degrees.