Introducing Flex Paste MAX!

Same formula you know and love, NOW 100% MORE of it!

Big repairs and giant DIY projects call for maximum coverage and sealing power. And now with Flex Paste Max, you get 100% more.

And that gives you the ability to penetrate even deeper into larger cracks and holes to tackle big jobs and stop massive leaks.

Flex Paste Max Now in Canada!

Our super-thick rubberized paste is designed to dry into a strong, flexible, rubber coating that won’t shrink or wash away. It can be painted any colour, and can be applied on dry or wet surfaces, and even underwater. Flex Paste MAX is incredibly versatile with literally hundreds of uses over a wide variety of surfaces.


Flex Paste Max, more coverag to stop water from coming in.


Stay protected all storm season long by creating a waterproof barrier around vulnerable areas of your home.


Flex Paste Max more coverage for large holes

Keep pests outside where they belong by easily and effectively filling large cracks and holes.


Flex Paste Max for your RV reviews

Repair and restore outdoor equipment around your home, RV, car, or boat. With Flex Paste there’s practically no end to all the sealing you can do.

Save thousands on costly repairs. Be prepared when unexpected damage strikes with products that work. Keep Flex Paste MAX on hand at home or in your workshop. Order Flex Paste MAX in black or white 6-pound tubs on today!

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