Introducing Flex Tape MAX for Big Repairs

For years, people across the globe have found tremendous success using Flex Tape®. Now, the Flex Seal Family of Products is bringing something even BIGGER to Canada.

Flex Tape MAX!

Flex Tape MAX is a GIANT-SIZED version of our original Flex Tape that can help you tackle even bigger projects and repair jobs. With up to 400% more coverage than our regular-sized rolls, it’s perfect for contractors and DIYers who need to tackle bigger jobs.


“We wanted to give our customers what they’ve been asking for – more product for maximum coverage,” said Phil Swift, CEO, Inventor, and Spokesperson for The Flex Seal Family of Products. “We kept the same trusted formula of Flex Tape, except now it’s available in a bigger size, which is perfect for those large projects and repairs.”

Read on to learn more about the benefits of Flex Tape MAX.

Big Repairs? We Can Handle That.

Repairing Roof Damage With Flex Tape MAX. Photo by Flex Seal Studios.

Repairing Roof Damage With Flex Tape MAX. Photo by Flex Seal Studios.


Larger repairs require more product, and Flex Tape MAX provides just that.

Whether you’re patching emergency roof damage, fixing a leaky pipe, or putting a boat that’s been sawed in half back together (we’re looking at you, Phil), Flex Tape MAX is up for the challenge. This super-sticky waterproof adhesive instantly bonds to virtually any surface to which it’s applied, creating a water-tight seal that can stop leaks fast.


Flex Tape Max Pipe Repair 

 Fixing a leaky pipe with Flex Tape MAX. Photo by Flex Seal Studios.


Harsh winters and sunny summers are no match for this patch. Flex Tape MAX is tough stuff and can hold up in extreme temperatures and weather conditions. It’s UV resistant, VOC-free, and even works underwater.

Need a Construction Adhesive? Flex Tape MAX can be used for:

Be prepared for unexpected repairs. Keep Flex Tape MAX on hand in your garage or tool shed. The 4” x 25’ roll of Flex Tape MAX is now available on our in black, white and clear. 



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