Auto Repair Projects Using Flex Seal Products

There’s no type of automobile that you can’t repair with the Flex Seal Family of Products – from ATVs to trucks to convertibles and RVs. We’ve gotten great feedback from our customers, with many examples of how our products helped them. Here are just a few ways you can use Flex Seal Products on your car or other vehicle.

1. Headlight Casing Repair

Your headlights are very prone to breaking. After all, the casing is usually just a thin layer of plastic that is constantly exposed to anything the road throws at it – not to mention other cars backing into them. When they crack, rain can quickly pool inside. With Flex Tape Clear, you can quickly fix the crack, to protect the bulb and electronics, preventing further damage while also letting light pass through. Also available in convenient travel sized Flex Tape Minis.

2. Secure Exterior Trim

Weather stripping, trim and exterior detailing can become loose over time, and may even fall off. Since the exterior of your car is constantly being hit with water, you need a waterproof adhesive. That is where Flex Glue comes in. It is the perfect combination of being able to work in wet conditions, while also being strong enough to hold these pieces in place.

3. Fix Seals

Areas around door jambs are subjected to constant pressure, tugging and exposure to water. It’s no wonder that over time, seals in these areas can tear or come loose. One easy way to help keep water from getting inside you car is Flex Shot. Flex Shot comes ready to apply, with no caulk gun needed. You can also use the included extension tube for easier application in hard-to-reach spots. Once dry, Flex Shot forms a flexible barrier that will stay in place, and help keep water out.

4. Fix Side View Mirrors

Side mirrors are often damaged in minor accidents. All it takes is a careless driver to come a little too close, and boom, the mirror comes right off. The mirrors are extremely important, and sometimes you need a quick fix to keep it in place. That is where Flex Tape comes in. Simply remove the clear protective backing and tape the mirror back in place. Flex Tape’s super strength will allow you to keep the mirror attached, until you are able to replace it. Flex Tape isn’t just limited to mirrors. We’ve received reports from Flex Fans who have used Flex Tape on all sorts of exterior repairs. In fact, one of our NASCAR teams even used Flex Tape during a race, to help secure the rear panels, and actually go on to finish the race.

5. Prevent Damage to Wheel Wells

Wheel wells take a lot of punishment. Whenever your tires kick up a rock, dirt or mud, it usually ends up hitting your wheel well. If you take your vehicle off-road, the damage is even more extreme. We’ve gotten feedback from many Flex Fans who used Flex Seal Spray as an extra layer of protection. A metallic wheel well that is damaged can start to rust. Luckily, a coat of Flex Seal can not only keep the moisture out, but also form a rubberized barrier that can reduce damage from rocks and debris.

6. Prevent Window Leaks

Vehicles usually have a few fixed windows, or windows that don’t roll up or down. These can leak over time, and many of our customers have reported that RV windows in particular tend to leak. Luckily, both Flex Seal and Flex Shot are perfect remedies, and a favorite fix among RV owners. Simply apply Flex Shot around the outside and inside to keep water out. Apply a coat of Flex Seal Clear to the outside for an extra layer of protection.

7. Add a Truck Bed Lining

One great use of Flex Seal Spray is using it as a bed liner for pickup trucks. Many come with exposed metal, which can start to rust if they are damaged – and let’s face it – most truck beds will be damaged with normal use. Simply apply Flex Seal Spray and it will keep moisture out, while also forming a protective barrier. It’s also easy to repair. As damage occurs, simply apply more Flex Seal to the damaged areas to add an extra layer of protection.

8. Fix Fabric Covers

Flex Tape is a great way to fix tears in fabric. We’ve had customers use it on their convertible tops with great success. But that isn’t the only use. You can also use it on ATV, motorcycle or snowmobile covers, RV awnings and more.

9. Coat and Protect the Undercarriage

Applying Flex Seal to your undercarriage not only improves the look, but also makes it easier to clean. Many customers have used Flex Seal on classic cars, lifted trucks, and more. And speaking of classic cars, many older vehicles were made almost exclusively of metal. Adding some Flex Seal can help prevent rust from forming.

10. Coat Your Toolbox

One customer reported great results in using Flex Seal Liquid to coat his tool boxes on his tow truck. The Flex Seal Liquid forms a rubber-like coating that helps to protect the tool boxes from water and damage from equipment. Plus, we think it looks pretty good too. To coat, simply pour it onto the surface. Flex Seal Liquid super thick formula is a great option when you desire a thicker coat than regular Flex Seal Spray.