Don’t Replace. Repair with Flex Tape

Don’t Replace. Repair with Flex Tape” was written by a member of the Flex Seal Editorial Team. All photos by Flex Seal Studios. 

Why replace something entirely when it could be repaired? The Flex Seal Family of Products can breathe new life into old belongings and save you time and money in the process. Discover how the power of Flex Tape can help you repair instead of replace. 

TV Stand Repair 

It's hard to pay attention to your favorite show when your broken TV stand is staring at you the entire time. If your furniture has peeling laminate or lifted veneer, Flex Tape is here to secure the damage and return the magic to family movie night.  

How To Repair Laminate or Veneer Furniture With Flex Tape: 

1. Start with a clean surface free of grease, oil, or dirt.

2. Cut a piece of Flex Tape larger than the area of damage using a utility knife.

3. Apply Flex Tape over the desired area. Make sure to smooth out air bubbles as you pull the tape tightly over the edge and down the side of the piece of furniture.

Flexpert Tip: Flex Tape comes in black, white, grey, and clear, so you can do repairs in style. 

Canopy Repair

A canopy is a great way to escape the summer sun and relax in the shade. But it’s hard to relax when a tear lets in sunlight, or even worse, rain.

Use Flex Tape to repair your canopy in three easy steps:

1. Clean the surface so it is free of grease, oil, and dirt.

2. Use a utility knife to cut a piece of Flex Tape to your desired dimensions before removing the transparent film.

2. Apply enough pressure to smooth out air bubbles or water from the bonding site.

Flexpert Tip: Using a hair dryer to heat Flex Tape after application can help loosen the adhesive, allowing it to seep into the pores of the fabric. 

Wear and tear is bound to happen. When it does, reach for the power of Flex Tape – the easy way to patch, repair, and extend the life of your items.

By Amanda Tacconi 

Amanda Tacconi is an Editor at The Flex Seal Family of Products, where she focuses on writing and editing articles for the company’s blog.

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