Patch A Damaged Doghouse

Fix the Roof Fast with Flex Tape MAX 

Our super strong waterproof tape is good enough for a human roof, so you know it’s fit for your furry friend. 

Damaged dog roofs need to go. Create a cozy, cool, dry place to rest for their next round of zoomies.

Flex Tape Max helps fix dog house roof

Here’s How to fix your Dog House roof with Flex Tape Max:

Unexpected weather can cause unwanted damage, but with Flex Tape Max you can patch and repair easily.

Fix Dog House with Flex Tape Max

1. Keep the liner on and cut Flex Tape MAX to create a patch larger than the area being repaired. 

Fix your dog house's roof with Flex Tape Max

We recommend using a razor blade to cut.  

2. Remove the liner and apply the Flex Tape MAX firmly over the area being sealed.    

Flex Tape Max works great on roof fixes

Once applied Flex Tape MAX cannot be repositioned. Press firmly using your fingers and continue pressing firmly starting at the center and working towards edges.

3. Flex Tape MAX will adhere right away, but it gets stronger over time. 

Dog House Roof  Fixed with Flex Tape Max

You should let it sit for 24 hours if possible. Once your roof is set, your doghouse is good to go. Good job hooman!

This is another good example of how Flex Tape Max can help you patch unexpected damage easily.

By Alexa Matz

Alexa is an Editor at The Flex Seal Family of Products, where she focuses on writing and editing articles for the company’s blog.

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