Flex Tape Winter Hacks

“Flex Tape Winter Hacks” was written by a member of the Flex Seal Editorial Team. 

During extremely cold weather or winter storms, staying warm and safe can be a challenge. Winter storms can bring cold temperatures, power failures, loss of communication services, and icy roads. The Flex Seal Family of Products is here to help you stay safe and warm this winter. Keep reading for some easy ways to get ready for winter.

3 Before and After Winter Hacks 

1. A Snow Prepped Snowmobile  

Traveling in the snow has limited options, but a snowmobile can come in handy. Flex Tape is here to help keep your snowmobile covered and protected. To properly apply Flex Tape:

1. Clean surfaces. They must be free of grease, oil, and dirt.

2. Cut tape to desired dimensions before removing the transparent film.

3. Apply with enough pressure to smooth out all air/water from the bonding site.

When using Flex Tape on certain fabrics, it may be necessary to allow 24 hours for the product to reach its maximum hold. Heating Flex Tape up after application using a hairdryer can help it bond faster by loosening the adhesive allowing it to seep into the pores of the fabric. 

 2. Get Your Roof Ready  

Brrring on the winter season by keeping your heater from working overtime. Winter storms can deposit heaps of tree branches onto your roof. These can then snap under the weight of snow or ice and go on to pierce holes in your roof, loosen shingles, or get swept onto a neighboring roof where they can cause damage.

Flex Tape is here to seal any holes in your roof or seams between your shingles. Not only will it help retain heat in your home but it can prevent melting snow from causing damage to your insulation and turning wooden boards into a rotting mess. Use a snow scraper to remove piled snow from the affected area, sweep away any dirt and debris, and apply Flex Tape with firm and even pressure.  

 3. Don’t Let Your Winter Coat Give You the Cold Shoulder  

Did you forget to grab hot chocolate mix from the store? We can't always avoid going out when it's freezing outside, and having a hole in your winter coat can be a real bummer. Thankfully Flex Tape is a quick and easy fix. We recommend using a utility knife for cutting Flex Tape before removing the transparent film from the adhesive side of the tape. 

Listen to weather forecasts regularly and check your emergency supplies, including your emergency food and water supply, whenever you are expecting a winter storm or extreme cold. Even though we can’t always predict extreme cold in advance, weather forecasts can often give you several days notice to prepare. The Flex Seal Family of Products is here to help you stay safe and stay warm.


By Amanda Tacconi 

Amanda Tacconi is an Editor at The Flex Seal Family of Products, where she focuses on writing and editing articles for the company’s blog.