Using Flex Seal Products on Clothes and Shoes

Yes, you can use Flex Seal on clothes and other fabric. We’ve received feedback from many of our customers who have had great success with using our products for a variety of uses. Check out some of the ideas below.

Waterproofing Fabric

One common use involves Flex Seal spray, Flex Seal Liquid or Flex Shot on a canvas bag. Take your bag and apply your favorite Flex Seal product. It’s up to you which product to use: if you want to spray it on (Flex Seal), spread on a layer of gel (Flex Shot) or dip, brush or pour it on (Flex Seal Liquid.) Add a layer, let it dry, and another layer as needed. This will form a protective barrier that will keep out water and moisture, perfect for the bottom of canvas bags, backpacks or similar. Of course it’s not just bags. We’ve also had customers who use these products to create waterproof hats, or to repair waterproof shoes.

Fabric Patch

For this one, you can use Flex Tape. For pants that start to tear along the seams, you could use the Flex Tape along the inside of the fabric as a way to keep it secure until you are able to get them mended. This trick could also work with winter jackets. A Flex Tape patch can keep the snow and moisture out whenever your favorite jacket gets damaged. Likewise, if you have a bag that splits, you could use a Flex Tape patch. Just apply a piece to the inside, another piece to the outside, and you are good to go.

Shoe Repair

It’s inevitable. Your favorite shoes will start to fall apart over time. One common problem is the sole of the shoe separating from the rest of the shoe. In this case, you can use a little glue, apply pressure, and re-attach the sole to the shoe. This will also work with heels. Whenever the heel becomes separated, simply use some Flex Glue and apply pressure, then allow it to dry.

If you have any questions or concerns about our products or how to order, you can call us for help at 833-411-3539. Check out the videos below for demonstrations of how to use Flex Seal Products on fabric.


Flex Seal Liquid on a Bag


Flex Seal Spray on a Bag