Flex Seal Family of Products Reviews Part III

Epic Review Guys

Youtube's Epic Review Guys test out Flex Seal Products on a cracked skylight.

Review of Flex Seal on Aquaponics

Finally getting around to fixing some leaky spots in the aquaponics system. Check out this video to see how!

ABC Good Morning Heartland Reviews Flex Seal

Good Morning Heartland ABC 3 KTVO Puts As Seen On TV Products to the Test: Flex Seal.

Flex Seal Used on Car Top Review

See a review of Flex Seal used on a convertible top.

Flex Seal Liquid Review

JD Nitro tests out, and reviews, Flex Seal Liquid.

Is Flex Tape the Real Deal?

KHOU11 News test out Flex Tape to see if it can really do all the things in the commercial.

Testimonial from Horse Tank User

This user used Flex Seal on his horse tank. A year later, it's still holding.

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