Flex Shot

Caulk, bond, and seal without a caulk gun.

4,800+ five star reviews*
Color: White


Forms a watertight, flexible barrier. No running or dripping, and it never shrinks or cracks. Easy to use. No need for a caulking gun; just push the nozzle for a perfect bead every time. Available in white and almond, clear and black. 

• General home repairs

• Seal around bath, shower, and sink

• Replace traditional caulk

• Seal cracks and holes

• RV and motorhome weatherizing and repair

• Boat repair

• Pools and pool equipment

• Furniture repair

• Weatherize your home and much more

Works on: Porcelain, tile, metal, glass, fibreglass, wood, granite, stone, marble, fabric, upholstery, paper AND just about any other surface that is free of grease and oil.


Make sure all surfaces are clean, dry, and free from dirt, grease, and oil. Use in a well-ventilated area. Hold can at a 45-degree angle, push on the nozzle and apply directly to the area being treated. Remove excess product with a dry paper towel. Tacky coating forms in about 20 minutes and will be dry to the touch. Flex Shot will be fully cured in 24 to 48 hours (depending on temperature and humidity).


For a perfect bead, apply in a steady, even motion. Adjust your speed to control the thickness of the bead. You can smooth Flex Shot out with your finger and work with the product as desired. If needed, make any adjustments immediately after the product is applied, before it starts to dry.

To repair a large hole, apply Flex Shot to the side of the hole that comes into direct contact with water.