Inflatable Patch & Repair Kit

Rips, punctures and tears are quickly repaired with these super strong, rubberized, crystal clear patches. 

Designed to be used on PVC plastic inflatables, to keep the fun going all summer long.  UV resistant and VOC-free.

Excellent for all smooth PVC plastic surfaces: air mattresses, inflatable toys, pool toys, rafts/floats, inflatable pools, exercise balls, waterbeds, pool liners, inflatable chairs, floating beverage coolers, bounce houses, inflatable yard and holiday decorations, and more.

For the initial application, do not apply to a wet surface. Not recommended for rough, textured, or velvet surfaces.


• 2 crystal clear 3" x 4" patches

Inflatable Patch & Repair Kit

This convenient kit includes two (2) clear patches uniquely designed to work on inflatables.

Each patch measures 3" x 4".

Inflatable Patch & Repair Kit Directions

Just Cut, Peel, Stick & Seal!

Prepare: Remove the air from the item being repaired. The surface must be clean, dry, and free from any grease, oil, or dirt before application.

Cut: Determine the size of the patch needed. Always use a patch large enough to cover beyond the tear or hole. Using a high-quality scissor or razor blade, cut to desired dimensions, leaving the backing on the tape.

Peel: Remove backing and apply to a clean, dry surface.

Stick: Using your fingers, plastic squeegee, or roller, press firmly on the surface and remove any creases, air pockets, or folds that may have occurred. Continue pressing firmly and allow the patch to remain on the surface. Once bonded, the patch cannot be repositioned.

Seal: Now your inflatable is sealed and ready to fill.

Important: Not recommended for rough, textured, or velvet surfaces. For the initial application, do not apply to a wet surface.