3 Easy DIY Home Improvement Fixes With Mr. Build It

We teamed up with Home Improvement Expert and Flex Seal Ambassador Alex, A.K.A Mr. Build It, for the “Flex It With Mr. Build It” series. Each episode is focused on common home repairs using the Flex Seal Family of Products, because it works.

“I want to show everyone that DIY projects don’t have to be intimidating,” said Mr. Build It. “These common DIY home improvement fixes can be done by DIYers of all levels with some elbow grease and Flex Seal products.”

Read on to check out his first project!

Sealing an RV Roof With Flex Seal Liquid

Whether it's rain, snow, sleet, or heat, RV roofs are susceptible to wear and tear due to various weather conditions. Over time, this exposure can cause damage to your RV roof and, unfortunately, cause it to leak. In this episode, Mr. Build It shows how easy it is to avoid common issues by sealing an RV roof with Flex Seal Liquid. This product dries into a rubberized, watertight coating that will seal out the elements and help keep the inside of your RV completely dry.

Watch as he scrapes off old sealant, cleans the surface, and rolls our super thick rubberized Flex Seal Liquid into all the cracks and crevasses of his camper roof.

How to Caulk a Bathtub With Flex Shot

Washrooms are exposed to moisture daily, so proper caulking is a must. In this episode, Mr. Build It shows you how to create a watertight barrier around your bathtub and shower using Flex Shot. This product is a rubberized sealant that caulks, bonds, and seals vulnerable areas to help keep water out – no bulky caulking gun needed.

Watch how Mr. Build It applies Flex Shot to various areas around his shower/tub combo to help keep water from seeping into the walls and floor. He then smooths the Flex Shot with his finger, pushing it deep into any crevasses. A few months after application, the Flex Shot still looks good as new!

How to Fix Drafty Windows With Flex Paste

Drafty windows can allow air to enter and escape from your home, causing your AC or heater to work overtime. Gaps in window seals can also invite bugs. Flex Paste can help fill those gaps and create a watertight and airtight seal around your windows. In this episode, Mr. Build It uses Flex Paste in a cartridge to do just that.

Watch as he removes the old caulk and thoroughly cleans the area to prepare it for application. Once the surface is prepped, Mr. Build It puts the Flex Paste cartridge into his caulking gun and gets to work, filling the areas around his window with our rubberized paste. After smoothing out and pushing the Flex Paste into the frame, he lets it dry. A few months later, there’s no cracking, and the Flex Paste is holding up perfectly!

By Paula Falcon

Paula is an Associate Editor at The Flex Seal Family of Products, where she focuses on writing and editing articles for the company’s blog.

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