Renew. Refresh. & Re-Caulk with Flex Shot!

Brand NEW Look, Same Trusted Waterproofing Power.

Over time, areas around your home may need to be re-caulked, we can help you get the job done to beaded perfection.

Everyone loves a great makeover. Flex Shot is no exception, and neither are the vulnerable areas of your home. If you’re noticing the original caulking around your kitchen, bathroom, and thresholds starting to breakdown and deteriorate, those areas could become susceptible to costly water damage. Don’t worry. Flex Shot is here to help. Our super thick rubber sealant is so simple to use, you don’t even need a caulking gun; just push the nozzle for a perfect bead every time. And since Flex Shot can cover up to 40 linear feet, you can tackle all kinds of projects – large or small!

A Kitchen Caulked to Perfection

Preventing leaks and water damage is so important. Having proper caulking in place around your kitchen can help significantly reduce your chances of water damage along the seams of your countertops. Flex Shot is incredibly strong and durable, lasting up to 30 years without fading, drying, cracking, yellowing, or deteriorating, making it a fantastic choice for high traffic areas in your home.

Bathroom Refresh

Making sure your bathrooms most vulnerable zones are properly sealed is critical. Bathrooms are constantly exposed to moisture, and any gaps, cracks, or poorly sealed areas can allow for moisture to seep into walls or even flooring. Which means you could be looking at mold and wood rot down the road. Don’t let that happen.

To help avoid these issues, we recommend caulking these areas of the bathroom: Bathtubs and showers, where the flooring meets the tub; seams of a bathtub or shower; where the backsplash meets the vanity top; Around the border of a sink and faucet; showerheads, bathtub spouts, temperature controls, windowsills and along the base of the toilet.

You’ll see immediately how easy Flex Shot is to use. With our most popular colours, white, and clear, you’ll notice you get a super clean and smooth finish regardless of your bathroom’s color scheme. Flex Shot also comes in black and almond.

Seal Drafty Doors, for Good

A drafty doorframe or windowsill can get costly during the cold and windy winter months. Put an end to drafts fast with Flex Shot. Our thick, rubber adhesive sealant is prepared to protect almost any surface, in or outside the home, and it won’t drip, crack or sag. Plus, you can trust it will keep working all season long and beyond because it is designed to stand up to the elements and will work in temperatures -60°C to 176.6°C. When resealing doors or window frames be sure to follow all directions.


For best results, when using Flex Shot be sure to follow all directions carefully.

Let’s get started:

1. Remove Existing Caulk

Before applying Flex Shot, you’ll need to make sure that any old caulk is removed. To do this, you can use a caulk remover and razor scraper. Just run the caulk remover along the old caulk to remove it and use a razor scraper to get rid of any remaining bits.

2. Clean the Area

Once all the caulk has been removed, you’ll need to thoroughly clean the area to ensure your surface is free of dirt, mildew, or debris. You can use rubbing alcohol or vinegar to clean, as these will help remove any mold or mildew. After cleaning, grab a drop cloth, and wipe the area completely dry. Flex Shot works on wet surfaces, but it works optimally on dry ones.

3. Apply Flex Shot

Flex Shot includes an extension tube. You can screw the tube on the end of the Flex Shot to help you apply it, especially in hard-to-reach areas like corners. Cut the extension tube to your liking: cutting close to the base will dispense a thicker line of Flex Shot, whereas cutting towards the tip would make a thinner line.

Press down on the nozzle and distribute Flex Shot to the areas you are caulking. When you are done, dispense a small amount out of the end of the tube, replace the cap and allow it to dry. This will form a plug and prevent the remaining Flex Shot from drying out. When you want to re-use the Flex Shot, remove the plug before use.

4. Smooth Out the Application Site

Once you’ve finished sealing the area, run your index finger along the caulk to smooth it out, making sure it fills every gap, crack, and hole along the surface. Then, wipe away any excess product. Flex Shot only takes 20 minutes to dry to touch but allow 24 to 48 hours to cure completely.

Should you have any excess caulk, grab a paper towel, and wipe away any extra as quickly as you can (within 20 mins from applying). And that’s all there is too it.

See! Caulking doesn’t have to be difficult when you have Flex Shot on your side. And with proper the knowledge, and a little elbow grease, your kitchen, bathroom, and doorframes are renewed, refreshed, and re-caulked to pure perFlextion.

Don’t wait to create a watertight seal for years to come, get it today with Flex Shot!

By Alexa Matz

This article was written and edited by Alexa Matz for The Flex Seal Family of Products.

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