Flex Paste Superstars Master DIY Repairs

“Flex Paste Superstars Master DIY Repairs” was written by a member of the Flex Seal Editorial Team. 

Flex Paste. You’ve heard of it, but have you heard how well it can help all around your home? From roof repairs to your bathroom, foundation, and everywhere in between, Flex Paste has you covered. Here you have Flex Stars sharing their success stories when they partnered with the Flex Seal Family of Products. Keep reading to learn about these incredible DIY repairs. 

Flex Paste for your Fixer Upper 

1. The Best for Basement Walls  

Leaks always lose to Flex Paste. It starts out as a thick paste and dries to a strong, flexible, rubber coating that won’t shrink or wash away. Check out what our Flex Stars have to say.


"I am VERY PLEASED with this paste. It is strong,
easy to use. Water was leaking in the basement wall when it rain, I used the paste to patch the cracks, and sure enough IT STOPPED THE LEAKING ! I have a whole lot left of the paste.

                                                                                      -  George fields


"The Flex Paste was easy to use, I used it on the lower level of the wall of the basement where there were leaks and I see improvement and that makes me happy.

                                                                              -  Amazon Customer



2. Keep Your Hot Tub Humming

Hot Tubs are meant to be places of peace and relaxation. But it can’t be bringing you much peace when its cover is leaking all over the place.  

Even old hot tubs need love! Flex Paste sealed this one and kept its light shining bright. 


"Did stops leaks around mini lights and hot tub light seals leaking due to being 16 years old.

                                                                                    -  William Beegle


3. Winterize Your Walls  

Whether the fix is for aesthetic reasons, or a full repair is needed, Flex Paste is here to help. Cracks and gaps can be unsightly and can grow if left unattended. Flex Paste is here to make those jobs quick and easy.  

Flex Paste is a super thick rubberized paste that clings to the surface and instantly fills large gaps, cracks and holes. It’s perfect for wall projects like this! 


"This is absolutely the best we have found for patching the crackles in our concrete retaining wall. We have tried most products on the market, and they don’t make it past one winter. Put in on last fall – held up great through the cold and icy winter. Looks the same as when we put it on.

                                                                                     -  Shawn a wolfe


4. Keep Your Camper Cozy

Flex Paste is versatile, it works in your home and on your vehicles, but what about a home that’s also a vehicle? Yup! Works there too. Flex Paste seals leaks, seams, and cracks. Keep your home away from home in tip top shape and look forward to relaxing.  


"I had a large crack around my RV antenna that was leaking into my trailer. I feel the crack with this paste and it has not leaked a drop sense. It’s easy to work with and dries pretty fast, I would definitely use it again.

                                                                                              -  JCG


5. Throne Room Repairs 

Flex Paste can be applied on dry or wet surfaces. It won’t dissolve or wash away and even dries underwater. That makes it perfect for making repairs all around your bathroom.  

Rust is not only an eyesore but can cause multiple layers of damage. Flex Paste can help seal out moisture, keeping rust at bay. We do suggest using vinegar and steel wool to remove any loose rust before application.


"Was having a problem with rust leaking thru the sheet rock from the nails used on wall outside of the 🚿shower so far looks like it solved the problem 😉

                                                                                           -  Ed Walters


Flex Paste is perfect for DIY, handyman projects, arts & crafts, and hobbies. Use it to repair your roof, winterize your home, for plumbing repairs, to seal cracks, make automotive or marine repairs, pool and spa repairs, and so much more! To understand the best way to use and preserve your Flex Paste, it’s important to READ ALL DIRECTIONS before use, and as always, we encourage you to stay inspired and see what else Flex Seal can do for you. 


*Reviews sourced from Amazon.com 5 stars reviews collected between September 2020 and December 2023.

By Amanda Tacconi

Amanda Tacconi is an Editor at The Flex Seal Family of Products, where she focuses on writing and editing articles for the company’s blog.