Flood Tape & Flood Paste Combo Pack

Size: 3.75"x20' Tape + 9oz Paste

Flood Protection Tape should only be used on smooth, flat, even, nonporous surfaces and always in combination with our other Flood Protection products.

Flood Protection Tape instantly bonds to horizontal and vertical surfaces.

• Comes extra-wide to help seal wide openings and is easily removable. Do not bend Flood Tape around corners or over irregular shapes.

Flood Protection Paste can be pushed deep into all types of openings and hard-to-reach areas as your first layer of protection.

Flood Protection Paste has a precision nozzle to target specific areas to be sealed.

Flood Protection Paste is used on all types of openings such as windows, doors, seams, garages, thresholds, vents, ducts, conduits and more.

Flood Protection Paste is easily removable once waters recede.

For complete instructions, visit flexseal.ca/flood.

No water penetration through 1/2 inch gaps at depths up to 3 feet, for 14 days. UL Verified. VerifyUL.com. V855276.

When used as directed, our Flood Protection Tape has been independently verified by UL Solutions to hold back 2ft of water for 14 days on gaps up to ½ inch. Tested in laboratory settings.

Patent Pending for Products and Uses.