Using Flex Seal Liquid on Concrete


Flex Seal Liquid is optimal for sealing, repairing, and weatherizing concrete. It works by sealing out air, water, and moisture and is mildew, chemical, and UV resistant. You can either brush, roll, dip or pour the liquid directly onto the concrete surface.

We’ve compiled a list of Flex Seal Liquid uses for concrete areas. Whether it’s for basement waterproofing, filling driveway cracks, DIY projects, or other concrete applications, Flex Seal Liquid has you covered!

Basement Waterproofing

One of our most popular uses for Flex Seal Liquid is basement waterproofing. Since basements are located below ground, water from exterior drainage, heavy rainfall, or a high-water table can find its way inside through the porous concrete walls. If basement damage is ignored for too long, it can lead to a variety of issues from structural damage to mold problems, resulting in huge costs and safety concerns.

Flex Shot is often used alongside Flex Seal Liquid to provide a superior water shield. For a thorough how-to with step-by-step instructions on waterproofing your basement, check out Flex Seal Liquid for Basement Waterproofing.


Flex Seal Liquid is a helpful resource for fixing driveway damage. The product can be easily poured into cracks and crevices for repair.

It’s important to note that we do not recommend sealing large areas that receive a lot of foot traffic because the liquid can become slippery when wet. For more information about usage and best practices, check out How to Use Flex Seal Liquid.

Backyard Uses

Concrete is often used as a border for mulch beds, gardens, or any other non-grass areas of your backyard. In order to prevent surface erosion, cracking, and other types of damage, apply Flex Seal Liquid to seal and weatherize these areas.

Flex Seal Liquid works great on cinderblocks, in particular. Whether it’s a non-bearing wall, bird bath, or any other place where cinderblocks are present, Flex Seal Liquid seeps in and seals off the material to keep your area safe, clean, and protected.

For more information and uses, be sure to check out Flex Seal® Liquid Applications and Flex Seal Liquid Reviews. For additional questions and concerns, visit our FAQs page or Contact Us. Flex on!

By Eric Hamilton

Eric is a Web Content Specialist at The Flex Seal Family of Products, where he helps manage and produce digital content.