Moving Day Featuring The Flex Seal Family of Products

This blog was written by an in-house contributor. All images taken by Flex Seal Studios. 

Let’s face it, moving isn’t easy, especially when everyone and their neighbor is moving on the same day. It is estimated that about 130,000 Canadian homes move on Moving Day. Factor in all the items inside each home, and that’s a lotta room for damage! 

Fortunately, the Flex Seal Family of Products can lend a helping hand during times like these. Whether it’s making repairs to furniture that was damaged along the way, fixing up a rental in hopes of getting your deposit back, or personalizing your new space, there is always something that needs to get patched up or glued together.  

Read on to learn how The Flex Seal Family of Products can help you during Moving Day and beyond. 

Attach House Numbers with Flex Super Glue 

A simple change to the numbers outside your door can suddenly give the look you are going for. Luckily, you can use Flex Super Glue to add new house numbers in a flash. It’s a subtle but functional upgrade with the added perk of clearly indicating the correct drop-off location of that takeout meal you just ordered!  

Flex Glue fo doorstops

Make Quick Repairs with Flex Glue 

Moving on to the other side of the door, one often overlooked and underrated device is the doorstop. It’s the kind of item you don’t miss until it’s gone, but when it is, you want it back immediately. This repair is light work for a product like Flex Glue. Grab a 9 oz tube or mini-size Flex Glue to help reattach that pesky doorstop. If your project happens to be larger, then our Flex Glue PRO formula might be for you! 

Flexpert Tip: Don’t stop at the doorstopper - Flex Glue is great for all kinds of repairs around the home. 

Flex Paste to patch holes

Patch Holes with Flex Paste 

Speaking of larger projects, filling in the holes on your walls created by hanging artwork and frames might just be one of them. Now, the holes themselves may not be large, but the amount of them is what makes them a bigger deal. This is where Flex Paste comes in. Quickly fill small holes caused by wall art, pictures, or other items with ease.  

Flexpert Tip: Flex Paste can also mend larger gaps, cracks, and holes on a variety of surfaces. 

The Flex Seal Products can be a big help not just on Moving Day but every day! Keep these versatile products stocked in your home or bring some to family and friends.  Think of them like the housewarming gift that keeps on giving. Whether this is your first time participating in Moving Day or you’re a seasoned pro, always stay prepared for repairs with the Flex Seal Family of Products.