3 Products to Scoop up this Boxing Day!

Keep the Season Merry, Bright, & in Working Order 

Get the kitchen ready for gathering guests, bring the music back with a quick guitar fix, and be ready to make MINI but might repairs on the road to grandmas!

Note: Before using Flex Seal products, read all directions and take proper safety precautions, such as wearing protective gear while applying.

The Holidays are here and whether you’re getting ready to be the host with the most, or hit the road for the Holidays, make sure you’re prepared to make unexpected repairs anywhere with the Flex Seal Family of Products

Keep your Kitchen Merry & Bright:

Caulking your kitchen is essential in helping to prevent leaks and water damage. Plus, it can make your most used room look a whole lot newer and refreshed.

1. Remove Existing Caulk

Before applying Flex Shot, you’ll need to make sure that any old caulk is removed. To do this, you can use a caulk remover and razor scraper. Just run the caulk remover along the old caulk to remove it and use a razor scraper to get rid of any remaining bits.

2. Clean the Area

Once all the caulk has been removed, you’ll need to thoroughly clean the area to ensure your surface is free of dirt, mildew, or debris. You can use rubbing alcohol or vinegar to clean, as these will help remove any mold or mildew. After cleaning, grab a drop cloth, and wipe the area completely dry. Flex Shot works on wet surfaces, but it works optimally on dry ones.

3. Apply Flex Shot

Flex Shot includes an extension tube. You can screw the tube on the end of the Flex Shot to help you apply it, especially in hard-to-reach areas like corners. Cut the extension tube to your liking: cutting close to the base will dispense a thicker line of Flex Shot, whereas cutting towards the tip would make a thinner line. 

Press down on the nozzle and distribute Flex Shot to the areas you are caulking. When you are done, dispense a small amount out of the end of the tube, replace the cap and allow it to dry. This will form a plug and prevent the remaining Flex Shot from drying out. When you want to re-use the Flex Shot, remove the plug before use.

4. Smooth Out the Application Site

Once you’ve sealed the area, run your index finger along the caulk to smooth it out, making sure it fills every gap, crack, and hole along the surface. Then, wipe away any excess product. Flex Shot only takes 20 minutes to dry to touch, but allow 24 to 48 hours to cure completely. 

And now, you have a watertight seal for years to come, thanks to Flex Shot! 

Keep The Music Going:

Making delicate repairs like fixing a guitar is easy with Flex Glue. You can bond loose fittings back in place instantly and keep the holidays strumming right along.

Follow these steps below:

How to Use Flex Glue:

1. Unscrew cap or nozzle. 

2. Cut off tip of nub, above threading. 

3. Clean the surface free of any dirt and oil.   

4. Apply liberally to the side of the surface being bonded.  

5. Press firmly for a minimum of 10-30 seconds for the instant grab to take hold. If needed, reposition object within 10 minutes of application.  

6. Allow 24-48 hours for curing. Flex Glue will reach the maximum strength in 7 days.

WARNING: May cause an allergic skin reaction. Avoid contact with eyes and skin. Wear gloves and safety glasses. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN.

Make Holiday Repairs On The Go!

Our Flex Glue Mini make the ultimate road trip repair companion. They pack all the same power as regular sized Flex Glue, just in a super compact and convenient lightweight portable pack that fits perfectly in your glovebox or backpack. 

This Holiday season don’t hit the road unprepared to make an unexpected fix. Instead, ride comfortably. Bring along our mighty, but small, MINIS and be ready for practically anything the season brings!

By Alexa Matz

This article was written and edited by Alexa Matz for The Flex Seal Family of Products.